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From offshore wind turbines to desert pipelines, communication towers, buildings, pylons, confined spaces, and all the nuts and bolts that make them - Team UAVs drone inspections are advanced, safe and save thousands in manual inspection fees, all whilst improving safety.


Our drone inspection software makes viewing the data simple, fast and accurate. We can carry out a detailed analysis for you, or hand over the data for you to get to work on. However we work together, your asset data will be viewable, sharable and secure.

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Topographical / Point Cloud / Volumetric / CAD

We use the very latest in RTK and PPK positioning technology onboard our state of the art drones. Our drone surveys are ultra-accurate, proven down to 25mm in x,y,z - and under 1cm per pixel GSD. We can survey up to 1000ha per day and use our analytical software and tools to generate volumetric calculations accurate to within 5%.


Our drone survey software makes viewing orthomosaics easy, navigating complex point clouds or 3D models a breeze, and taking 2D and 3D measurements a pleasure.  Our interactive software allows you to visualise, measure, interact, export and share your data easily and securely. Our data also easily integrates with your existing GIS or CAD software too. 

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We work with Government Agencies and Emergency Services nationally delivering drone response teams to emergency situations.


We can work completely indpendently with our own hardware and software and plug directly into your systems, or work to bolster your forces team, delivering secure data as an outside agency.

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Since 2013 Team UAV has been providing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), drone inspection and drone survey services to Government Agencies, the Construction, National Infrastructure, Resources, Emergency and Security industries.

We're renowned for our professionalism and dedication to improving safety, mitigating risk, improving operations and reducing operating costs for our Clients through the use of new technology.

We utilise the very latest in sensor technology, to provide our Clients with rich datasets for precision inspection, survey and mapping services to targeted industries. Our groundbreaking operations, 

technology, and software are providing real-world solutions to traditional problems.


Setting examples in our industry, Team UAV was one of the first companies to hold a full set of enhanced permissions from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, with the ability to fly 3 times further than any other drone operator, fly at night, and fly closer to the public and roads than other operators

We build our own software and hardware systems in house, taking a lead in research & development and manufacturing, allowing bespoke products to be made to suit a range of situations for our Clients.

Our team has been recruited from a diverse background of employers including; Military, Public Sector, Emergency Services, Software, and Construction industries, as well as taking on apprentices in specialist roles.


Flying Hours


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on Task​
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Team UAV's Drone Response Teams have been working with Government Agencies and Emergency Services on some of the most pressing incidents in the UK in the past decade. We've lived streamed hundreds of hours of data to incident rooms and command centres around the world through our own in house built hardware and streaming software

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When it's just not possible for you or your team to get out or close to the asset or situation, our experienced Pilots will stream the data to you so you can make informed decisions

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Our instant replay controls give you the chance to look over your data on the fly.. increasing the confidence in your decision making process and aiding mission success 

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Need a second pair of eyes? No problem, add as many people as you need, wherever they are, whatever networked or WiFi mobile / tablet / Mac or PC device they are using

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Working Proudly With

Hanson Heidelberg Drone Inspection
NHS Drone Inspection
CERN Drone Survey
Morrison Utility Service Drone Mapping

> 20k

Hectares of
Land Surveyed

> 15tb

4k Inspection
Footage Filmed


Absolute Safety Record

> 250k

Survey Images

> 5000 

Hours of Data
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Working With Team UAV;

We're widely renowned as the best in the business, with a keen eye and attention to detail, we provide the very best in unmanned data acquisition whilst delivering impeccable results - on time, on target and within budget.  We deliver our promises and live up to the expectation of being the best.  It's why our esteemed Clients choose to work with us time and time again. Providing safe, cost effective and reliable data, isn't just  what we do - it's what we thrive to do. We'll be your partner through hard work, efficiency and dedication - and we won't let you down.

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Head Office

Team UAV, Office 6 Greenbox, Worcestershire, B60 4AL, United Kingdom


For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please email us or request a call.

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