Simple, Fast and Accurate Inspection Services

From offshore wind turbines to desert pipelines, communication towers to buildings, electricity pylons to confined spaces and all the nuts and bolts in between them - Team UAV’s award-winning drone inspections are advanced, secure and save thousands in fees, all whilst improving safety and avoiding equipment downtime.

It’s no good just having thousands of images or videos to review - that will take you hours! Team UAV goes to the next level - we’ve built our own advanced drone inspection software that makes viewing all of the data simple, fast and accurate. 
You see, we automatically precisely geo-locate images and video and display this to you in an extremely simple user interface, and with a few simple taps, you can automatically produce a PDF or CSV report - allowing you to power through your inspection like never before. 

Furthermore, if you don't want to carry out the analysis, then let our experienced teams do that for you. 

You don’t need scaffolding and MEWPS to get a handle on your inspection issues. Our drones identify issues cheaper and safer and give you all the data you need to make decisions.

If you have a recurring inspection schedule then we can programme our drones to carry out the same flight time each time, giving you aerial insights on your data for side-by-side or overlaid comparison. Our preventative drone inspection schedule will help to increase your efficiency by making sure any issues are captured and sorted out early, helping you keep the overall costs down and your productivity levels higher. 

Benefits Of Using Drones


Our highly trained and experienced drone teams are up for the task. Our equipment is state of the art and our sensors are the very best available on the market we have the ability to;

> Zoom in at up to 200x from the sensor - viewing live from the ground or remotely
> View and capture data with specific isotherms and radiometric imagery
> Capture multispectral imagery
> Laser range find to give precise location data of dilapidations
> Efficiently capture multiple data sets on a single flight to give inspection images and data to process into digital twin models      using photogrammetry
> We can fly in extra-urban and residential areas as well as rural and more extreme areas such as coastal, offshore or         

    mountainous terrain. 
> We have a range of drones ranging from the very small to the very large

Why Use Team UAV?


Team UAV ensures there is minimal disruption, most of the time you can keep your assets running and avoid asset downtime. We offer ultra-high-resolution images and video quickly and easily. Using one of our pilots to inspect what you require can save time, and money and be a much safer option. For example, sending a drone to do a confined space inspection is much safer and more cost-effective than having a person trying to navigate their way through one, which let’s face it, nobody wants to be doing! Having our drones inspect a roof is much safer, and faster than hiring a MEWP or cherry picker or climbing on the roof yourself.

To learn more about our drone inspections, about us or how we can help you with your current assignments, then why not contact us!

Email: ops@teamuav.uk
Phone number: +44 (0)3301 133 888

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