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Protecting Personal Data

In Europe, privacy and the protection of personal data are recognised as fundamental human rights. European and national legislation protects us from external intrusions into our private lives, considering them illegal. This includes interferences resulting from the use of drones.

As a professional drone operator providing drone services, we are aware that legal data protection requirements concern us whenever we collect personal data, even if that is unintentional. – something which could easily happen when using a drone. We must carefully asses this possibility for our specific operations before carrying them out. Any drone operation that involves the collection of personal data complies with specific legal obligations and restrictions.

In Europe, the collection, storage and any other type of processing of personal data are governed by a specific law. The General Data Protection Regulation sets out the various requirements for the collection, processing and storage of personal data.

As well as The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all Drone Pilots at Team UAV follow guidelines published by the European Union - The Privacy Code of Conduct: a practical guide to privacy and data protection requirements for drone operators and pilots.

More information about the code of conduct can be found here:

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