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We're there whenever you need us; in critical situations or at special events our teams provide real-time data so you can make informed decisions...

We work with Government Agencies, Emergency Services and international companies delivering drone response teams to emergency situations. We can work completely independently with our own hardware and software and plug directly into your systems, or work to bolster your forces team, delivering secure data as an outside agency in a covert or overt manner

Global Political Events & Private Business Events

Our drone security teams can be deployed in the days and weeks leading up to events in order to provide you with up-to-date mapping, imagery and video of the event location. We can also deploy to provide a persistent surveillance system to monitor movement around the location. Our teams can also deploy to bolster yours and add depth to your ISR matrix. We have our own secure live streaming platform or work with your equipment. We have a range of drones to cover almost any situation.

Drone Security Global Political Events & Private Business Events
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Aerial view of Big Ben, Parliament Building and Westminster Bridge on River Thames, London
Aerial View of City

International Events, VIP & Sporting Engagements

Our drone security teams can be deployed anywhere in the world. We work with the host country's aviation authority in order to achieve the relevant permissions for our teams to operate, as well as source local operators where required.  In the days and weeks leading up to events, our teams can provide you with up-to-date mapping, imagery and video of event locations, as well as being able to deploy a persistent surveillance system to monitor movement around the location. Our teams can also deploy to bolster yours and add depth to your security team, or event crews.

Drone Security Internatonal Events, VIP & Sporting Engagements
Video Convention
Aerial View of City drone security
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Crisis and Disaster Management

Working with government agencies, police, fire and international search and rescue, our drone response teams routinely deploy to provide and stream drone data (video and images with metadata) into national incident control rooms, incident vehicles, bronze, silver gold command, and even into COBR. We have our own secure live streaming hardware and software or can plug directly into your systems. Our pilots have vast experience in operating in challenging and time-sensitive environments and our equipment can work in the most adverse of weather conditions.

Drone Response Crisis and Disaster Manangement

Border Surveillance


Working with international border forces, our drone teams provide an early warning safety system for people attempting to cross borders - either on land or at sea, in landlocked or island environments. We're able to detect at night using thermal sensors and during the daytime using long-range cameras without crossing internationally recognised border lines. We have our own secure live streaming hardware and software or can plug directly into your systems. Our mobile command centre gives us the ability to operate in ad-hoc scenarios.

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Border Ther.png
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Drone Security Border Surveillance

Protests and Safety Monitoring

Operating from an elevated position and from afar in urban or rural environments,  our drone teams provide a critical safety service by being able to look into crowds of hundreds of thousands of people and provide high-resolution video and imagery. All video and images are live-streamed through our own hardware and software and can plug directly into your analysis software, or into your own network. The data we provide can give early warning to front-line police forces about upcoming dangers, crowd numbers and suspicious activity. We also work to monitor the safety of the general public and protesters by monitoring ingress and egress routes for blockages.

Drone Security Protests and Safety Monitoring
Crowd in city
protest 1.jpeg

Festival and Security

Working with your security team, our specially trained and experienced drone security teams will provide live-streamed video throughout the day and night into your event control room. Our long-range daytime cameras have the ability to detect, recognise, and identify suspicious activity and individuals or groups by utilising a 200x zoom sensor, and our thermal cameras provide the ability to search for lone people or groups that may wander into restricted areas or forests during day or night. Our teams can provide data on people per square metre, identify early-stage fires, provide traffic information and monitor emergency situations.  When the unexpected happens our teams are on call at your event to provide assistance from the air.

Drone Security Festival and Security
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festival 1.png

Drone Defence, Counter Drone & Airspace Management

Unauthorised drones in your airspace are not only a safety hazard to your team, your assets or your principal, but they will breach all of your security protocols. Current global drone regulations are not sufficient to stop drones flying into your airspace, nor do you have many legal options to stop drones from flying over areas that you're trying to protect. Modern civilian drones have a long flight time (usually 30 minutes plus) and come as standard with long-distance communication hardware that allows them to be controlled from up to 10km away.


Small, lightweight drones are very difficult to identify in the air, and they cannot be heard from 100 metres away, and the larger drones carry high-definition payloads and sensors with a 200x zoom. This mix of high-quality sensors, long lenses, long-range communication hardware, and almost invisible characteristics of the drone whilst in flight all contribute to your drone problem.


Drone problems that your operation is going to face:

Drone operators will make use of public land such as bridleways, green lanes, and footpaths to take off from - you have no legal right to stop them from taking off from here, they can also fly over almost any building, land or asset even if it is not their property, and if you don't know that they are there or that they have a drone then there is nothing that you can do about it until it is too late.


  • Drones can quickly get into secure areas undetected and capture video and images of situations and personnel that may put them in difficult situations. later on in the media.

  • Small Improvised explosive devices can be attached to drones and dropped from a height, causing injury and death to people

  • Drones can be flown into crowds, equipment and buildings to cause sabotage

  • Drones can be fitted with power tethers meaning they can be used as a persistent surveillance threat day or night with thermal cameras fitted

These are just some of the most common threats that drones cause. It is vital that you are prepared against them.

Team UAV have the equipment, methodology and experience to detect drones before they come anywhere near or into your area of operations and before they even take off. Not only do we detect the drone but we also detect the operator's location, wherever they are, and where they have been. Giving you the steer you need to direct assets onto them or change your plans to immediately counter the threat. Our equipment is endorsed by the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

Our capability can be mobile or static and we can move with your team, it can be used in extreme environments and on any terrain. It can be set up and ready to operate within minutes, or can work on a mobile basis such as from a moving vehicle. We deploy with an experienced operator that has the knowledge of telling you the specific threat from the type of drone that is identified, as well as being able to quickly deploy one of our drones to get eyes on the operator or steer friendly forces to intercept. Our experienced operators are capable of blending directly into your team and workflow.

We also have larger systems that can be used to detect at longer ranges such as what may be required at airports, and national infrastructure sites and events where advanced warning of drones is required.

Airspace Management

Team UAV specialises in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, it's in our name, it's part of our company's DNA. That's not just operating drones, that's knowing everything about them, their capabilities, the regulations surrounding them, how they are used, and in what capacity they are able to operate.

Our operations in airspace management give you the ability to detect drones flying in your airspace, allowing you to quickly mitigate risks around your assets and operation. We give clear and concise information on the location of the drone and the pilot, as well as many other data points. 


Get in touch with our team today to discuss your project

Drone Defence, Counter Drone & Airspace Management
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Modern mobile control center for unmanned aerial vehicles from the inside.jpg

Fully qualified and experienced drone operators, using state-of-the-art systems equipped with simultaneous surveillance payloads...

Multirotor and fixed-wing aircraft, with 200x zoom, wide-angle, laser range finder, thermal image sensors, multispectral cameras, secure live streaming equipment, and counter drone systems, our teams can provide drone security at any event. With our varied fleet of drones and long loiter times, we offer a mobile persistent surveillance package and visible threat deterrent, often integrated as part of wider Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance network or ISR matrix

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