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Drone Mapping - Hyperspectral Data Sets

Multispectral Drone Survey Results

Team UAV are a key stakeholder and service provider in a 3 year contract with a UK government authority. the remit is to capture height data over a large industrial estate with over 1000 buildings, mixed agricultural land, complex river, bridge, railway and road networks.

The authority had previously contracted a fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle company which returned inaccurate data. Viewing the previous orthomosaic image that had been generated, it was clear that the client had been poorly informed by the operator and, as such, sub standard data had been returned.

With over 1000 operational flying hours, Team UAV are primed to carry out such tasks and return high quality data sets regardless of the terrain or environment. Our type specific drones are carefully selected for each task along with the operator to ensure the mission can be carried out to the highest of standards. Our in house training and validation criteria gives our operators an in depth knowledge across all of our business sectors - providing key technicals to our clients when required.

Going above and beyond our scope of works, we were able to provide multispectral imaging, 3D models and geo-referenced, hi-resolution orthomosaic images to our client. This gave them the ability to layer data and instantly view this data via the cloud. Accuracy was down to <50mm and <1cm resolution - the best possible standard.

Completed safely and in line with stringent Civil Aviation Authority regulations and Team UAV's Operations Manual, we were on time and on budget. To give an idea of the size of this site, it would have taken a ground team of 2 surveyors 4 weeks to accumulate the same amount of data and a further 2 weeks to process it all. Team UAV completed the task in 4 hours and with processing taking only 6 hours. This is a drastic improvement in time, cost and efficiency. Reducing the overall cost by 78%

Over the length of the 3 year contract, each flights data is instantly viewable over time to see and manage change.

Perfectly aligned as a .KML or .HMLT file, the data is directly transportable into Google Earth or Maps for online viewing anywhere.

The next 12 months will see Team UAV vigorously update software, systems and optics. We're continually improving our mapping applications to ensure our data is at the tip of the technological spear. If you have a project for us then get in touch now through the connect page - we look forward to working with you.

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