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Carillion PLC & Team UAV Partner for UK's First Local Authority Owned Solar Park Inspection

Solar Panel Drone Inspection

Carillion PLC, one of the largest construction companies in the world today, have conducted the very first solar drone survey on the UK's first local authority owned solar park using Team UAV's safe system of UAV works. The solar survey was completed on Wednesday 25th November 2015 at Tangmere Solar Park near Goodwood Airfield, East Sussex.

The results were staggeringly excellent.

Team UAV, over the past 3 months since September 2015, have conducted over 25 solar park surveys accross Europe and are widely regarded as the experts in the solar UAV survey field. With the worlds most advanced systems, sensors, software and trained operators, Team UAV are able to provide cutting edge and accurate surveys to solar parks around the world whilst delivering cost effective and proven results on time, on budget and safe.

Multispectral Drone Survey of Solar Panels

The survey was split into 4 areas;

1: Near Infra Red (NIR) and multispectral Survey to see that natural environment around the solar park was adapting to the new installation and that the growth of local plants and wildlife were not adversely affected.

2: Electro Optical (EO) Imaging to view the solar park in its true form, through an ultra high resoloution image. This enables each panel to be individually inspected from above.

3: Infra Red (IR), thermal imaging survey to detect faulty panels and panels that were not performing or operating at their optimal temperature.

4: Point Cloud Mesh Model allowing for vital planning and logistics to be conducted post build and for any relevant future works or alterations

5: 3D Model annotation reporting, allowing the user to navigate a 3D model of the whole site, allowing fast, accurate and documented evidence of inspections past, present and for any future works required.

Thermal Imagery of Solar Panel Drone Survey

Drone Survey of Solar Farm

Team UAV were able to react quickly to the request and completed the task in a single day. Accurately reporting any issues on the spot for engineers to asses the situation, providing full situational awareness to our clients is key, which is only made possible by using our proven inspection system using drones. Being able to give a 100% thermal efficiency report is testament to Carillion's dedication to their core values, project management and attention to detail.

If you would like to find out more about Team UAV's Solar Inspection Programme use the contact form on the website or simply call the office to speak to an expert.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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