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Quality Policy Statement 

Team UAV aims to be the world's leading supplier of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle services. Recognising the responsibility that comes with such a position, the Quality Policy has been implemented to ensure the business is able to provide the very best services and products each and every time regardless of the environment and outside pressures that attempt to prevail. This is achieved through rigorous internal audits and implementation by the Chief Executive

Team UAV is committed to a rigorous approach to quality implementation and undertake to promote greater quality control and responsibility. For example: 


The worldwide implementation of its policy aims to improve the organisation’s services and products during daily operations. Through the use of a quality management system, Team UAV continually strive to achieve the highest possible standards of quality to ensure that its customer’s needs are realised and met without fail. 


In line with and exceeding industry standards, Team UAV has a high priority commitment to

quality control, meeting its customer’s needs and continual improvement of quality through internal training, evaluation and audit. 


All products and services will be produced pursuant to appropriate technical, safety and quality standards and will comply with relevant regulations and licensing requirements. Compliance with the legislative requirements related to quality is governed by the Chief Executive

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