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Drone Media

Whether it's capturing stunning scenery for documentaries or filming international sporting events or putting together drone scenes for your latest social media project, Team UAV has the experience to blow you away with crisp images and stunning drone shots 

Drone Filming and Drone Photography


Out-of-the-box creative imaging and engaging filming from our highly skilled drone pilots, cameras and drones

We have worked on some really exciting projects with some of the biggest names in the broadcast industry in the UK and abroad. Our highly skilled pilots can fly smooth shots on super fast FPV drones or super cinematic slow-mo on bigger rigs. We're used to working under time and weather constraints and we work well when there's only one take!

We have vast experience working with:

Broadcast companies

Production companies

Media outlets - news/sport/social

Corporate media teams

Design companies

Advertising agencies

Corporate business

Private entities

International venues

We can travel anywhere in the world to get the right shot at the right time, Our drones and Drone Pilots have the experience to fly in extreme environments like mountains, deserts or out at sea, in extra-urban areas or in the backcountry. whatever the shot, we have the equipment and experience to carry it out.

Get in touch with our expert team now to talk about your project.

Drone Filiming and Drone Photography
Team UAV Drone Filming BBC Eastenders
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Small Island
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