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My Apprenticeship Experience

Upon passing my GCSE’s in 2016, I had a big decision to make; It was to continue full-time education or learn whilst I worked. I was in the middle of choosing a sixth form or college and I felt like it wasn't the right path for me because I knew I wanted to be in the business sector career-wise but didn't know specifically what field I would have studied. So I decided to start an apprenticeship in Business and Admin to get a feel for a general role and earn whilst learning. I loved being in a working environment and during my experience, I not only gained a qualification but also improved my customer service skills, general business knowledge and ability to solve problems.

By the end, I was more confident in myself and knew what sector within Business I wanted to go into, which was Marketing. I decided to embark on Marketing because I knew my existing knowledge would fit in perfectly with that sector. I also knew I would be, in some ways, out of my depth, which I love because it means I can challenge myself my and knowledge every day. I am currently studying Level 3 Marketing placed at Team UAV, a leading commercial drone company. Team UAV is very diverse, varied, and a positive work place to be in and I work well there because I am familiar with the applications they use. It has been a great experience so far and is more specific to my role which is fantastic for me as it is a great learning environment, it has also enabled me to explore the role of marketing in more depth.

Furthermore, studying an advanced apprenticeship has not only benefited me in many ways but also benefits my work placement because I am able to transfer my skills and knowledge, offering more to my employer. The combination of professional and personal skills I am acquiring from my course and employment are invaluable and I use them in my day to day life!

In addition, my placement couldn't be more suited to what I wanted as I have a lot of responsibility and have significantly contributed to key marketing tasks and projects. It’s important that when you take out an apprenticeship you love where you work and you feel like your contributing to key activities within the business.

My apprenticeship experience has completely changed my outlook on life!

“Our experience with Apprenticeships has been a very positive experience so far, it's fantastic Anna can build her marketing skills and knowledge as well as providing her with valuable experience in this field. Overall it's a win-win situation for both her as an employee and Team UAV as an employer.” - Chris Kenneth (Digital Content Manager)

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