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Team UAV Trio of Enhanced Permissions from UK CAA

Team UAV achieved a trio of enhanced permissions from the CAA this week giving them the ability to take off from within 10 metres of people and buildings, operate above 400ft and out to 1.5km away from the pilot and conduct operations at night.

The landmark permissions issued to Team UAV by the CAA has taken months to realise but now puts Team UAV firmly at the top of the UAV Industry. With such enhanced permissions, Team UAV are now able to conduct even more complex operations in built up urban environments such as London and other major cities in the UK.

Projects that were previously un-touchable by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for inspection and survey are now easily within reach. Long distance transmission line inspection, bridge inspection and large land mass topographical surveys are now also achievable with reduced operating times using an enhanced permission from the CAA where Team UAV can operate above 400ft and out to 1.5km away from the pilot.

Thermal survey and inspection tasks are also able to be carried out at night - making heat loss surveys and fault identification extremely easy to decipher.

Team UAV provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), drone inspection and drone survey services to the Construction, National Infrastructure, Resources, Emergency and Security industries. We're renowned for our professionalism and dedication to improving safety, mitigating risk, improving operations and reducing operating costs for our Clients through the use of new technology.

Utilising the very latest in sensor technology, to provide Clients with rich datasets for precision inspection, survey and mapping services to targeted industries. Team UAVs groundbreaking operations, technology, and software are providing real-world solutions to traditional problems. With a secure data portal that gives Clients access to highly accurate topographical data, orthomosaic aerial imagery, digital surface models, point clouds, and high-resolution 3D models in the cloud, right when it's needed. Detailed, automated technical reports provide our Clients with critical decision-making tools that allow them to make highly accurate calculations for effective asset planning and real-time tracking.

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