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Team UAV Crew & Deploy TCOM Lighter-than-air Aerostat

Team UAV have completed major broadcast events throughout 2016 by providing the crew to deploy, operate and maintain the TCOM 17m Aerostat system, which is widely used for military security and surveillance tasks around the world.

Team UAVs role over the course of the year was to administer, plan, manage, maintain, secure, liaise with agencies, and deploy the system for live broadcast operations around the United Kingdom. While in the hangar at Team UAVs HQ, the system was thoroughly maintained in line with its maintenance schedule, updated with new equipment and kept in a ready state to deploy at a moment's notice.

Team UAV have a vast amount of experience in surveillance and security operations in hostile and adverse environments around the world. Notably, Team UAV have served across the Middle East over multiple operational tours, conducted instructional training in the United States, instructed specialist British Army units before deployment in the use of ISTAR assets. With a wealth of military operational experience behind them, Team UAV are on standby to react instantly to disaster situations globally and have the relevant experience and knowledge to advise and instruct on all aspects of ISTAR system deployment and management. As well as provide the leg work and highly qualified manpower to live video links in critical situations through the use of fixed wing, multi-rotor, lighter-than-air systems, and ground and vehicle based covert and overt sensor systems.

The four-man aerostat team consists of a Commander and 3 Operators. When arriving on site, the crew's task is to deploy the lighter-than-air aerostat to up to 1000ft AGL (above Ground Level), which requires inflation via helium. The team then set up the ground cordon, the command vehicle - where the aerostats vital data goes to, and a link through to the OB (Outside Broadcast) truck. Throughout the average weeklong deployment, the crew maintains all aspects of the system. From liaising with the relevant aviation authorities and local ATCU (Air Traffic Control Unit) to emergency services and event management, ensuring the operation has minimum impact on civilian or military operations in the area, while also monitoring national weather forecasts to predict changes in local conditions that could affect the aerostat while in flight.

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