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Certus Power choose Team UAV in Trio of Solar Park Surveys in South Wales, United Kingdom.

CERTUS Power are one of the UK's fastest growing renewable energy companies. With the company constructing more and more solar parks around the UK and Europe, they need a fast, reliable, accurate and cost effective means of inspecting solar panels.

Team UAV were able to react fast to CERTUS's request. This is because we appreciate how demanding industry can be and that results are sometimes just needed - yesterday. Still, a cost effective solution is required. Team UAV's Drones are fast, reliable and accurate. We have safe systems of work, bespoke software and highly skilled and trained operators that are able to commit to providing the very best UAV inspection and survey service globally.

The brief was: To provide actionable data that will show which panels are working, which panels have issues and which panels require replacing. There were 3 solar sites in South Wales within 2 hours of each other and the survey was to take no longer than 2 days across 3 sites.

Committing to the task, Team UAV were able to deploy a team to the parks and cover the 3 sites in just 2 days, delivering a multitude of data, going over and above what was expected of them. Providing an accurate point cloud of each site (to within 50mm accuracy), Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, Orthomosaic images, Navigable 3D models with actionable annotations and of course a live thermal view of the solar panels straight to the engineer to fix issues on the spot.

The data was then inserted into a hi resolution 3D navigable model which gives the coordinates, serial number and state of each defective or non working solar panel, what work was carried out on it and when it was replaced. This helps build situational awareness over time and eases record keeping of broken panels, helps with fault identification and finding. Team UAV also provided an NIR and NDVI survey of the ground to give awareness of potential environmental issues that the solar park could have made on the local landscape and wildlife.

With a geo-referenced orthomosaic image and accurate point cloud mesh model, Team UAV are able to identify, measure and quantify areas of land if the site was ever to be expanded. This is really ground breaking technology and very disruptive amongst the traditional surveying world.

Our technology and software will continue to develop and like all technology innovators - this is only the beginning of a very exciting industry.

If you would like to find out more about the renewable surveys we conduct globally, or would like to book a solar survey, use the contact form on our website or simply call our office to speak to an expert.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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