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NHS Choose Team UAV for Trust Wide Drone Building Survey's, Making more than a £250k Per Annum S

Team UAV were commissioned by the National Health Service to carry out a detailed "above gutter line" inspection and survey of a specialist national hospital in the United Kingdom.

The task was spread over a 1.5Km area and in a complex and congested urban environment. The team successfully inspected and surveyed over one million roof tiles, 500,000 ridge details, over 5000 fine Victorian terracotta artefacts and more than 1000 hand made highly detailed finial pieces. Team UAV saved the NHS more than £160'000 ($250'000) in scaffold fees alone, made no disruption to staff, patients or public, no road or footpath closures, no intrusive scaffolding and not a single workman working at height.

With the original tasks set to take over 12 months to complete using traditional scaffold methods, road closures, cherry pickers, large scale machinery and surveyors working at height, Team UAV were able to complete the task on time, on budget and without incident within 14 days.

The data that was gathered from the UAV inspection was handled with extreme care and sensitivity. Images were run through bespoke software and algorithms to detect hairline cracks, delamination and stress fractures - a technique which is currently exclusive to Team UAV.

The detail was then compiled into a suitable format for the Client to act on - giving them the ability to make informed decisions based on real world technical data which further enhanced their budget to carry out the repair works.

Repair and delapidation details were placed into a systematic model for action, based on the data that was collated by the UAV's sensors and software algorithms - which meant that the interaction and time spent viewing the data was kept minimal and other important tasks could be taken care of simultaneously by the NHS Estates team.

Throughout the time spent on site Team UAV provided a live insight to the NHS of the inspection, through the use of the bespoke command centre vehicle. This is where all the post and technical processing takes place on site by a dedicated team of qualified computer scientists.

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