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We love to work with like-minded, professional people, that know how to operate drones safely and relish working in challenging situations. Our work covers some of the most important tasks that drones can do; like National infrastructure inspections, topographical surveys for government agencies, and response call-outs for emergency services.

'Whatever the task, we need highly trained, responsible and safe operators, working as part of our extended team to deliver a high-quality service.'

To be able to deliver our professional services around the UK and abroad effectively, we introduced our Trusted Pilot Network. 
This network consists of individuals who provide a very specific skill set that can be deployed as part of our high-performance team when a project requires it.

The benefits of joining our Remote Pilot Team;

  • You'll be working with one of the most respected and professional drone service providers - we're ranked in the top 10 global drone service providers 

  • All the support and experience of Team UAV is behind every task you do with us

  • We provide equipment type training and fund specialist training courses when required

  • We can supply vehicles, fuel, insurance as well as supplying the equipment for the task

  • You'll be given PPE and uniform required for working with us as a trusted partner​

  • You'll be part of a high-performance team all working to deliver the same objectives

  • You'll be able to join us on corporate and team building events

  • Travel opportunities around the UK and abroad on short and long term projects​

These are just some of the benefits that working with Team UAV brings.

How it works..

  • You'll be employed by Team UAV on a zero hours contract / sub contracted, which gives you the freedom to carry out other work when you're not working with Team UAV 

  • We'll get in touch with you to bring you into the team when there is a specialist task or project that requires your expertise, we'll discuss the task with you and set a date for the work to be started.

  • If required, you'll be given all the equipment, vehicles and administrative tools needed to complete the project

  • You'll be paid monthly for any work which you have completed in that month along with any expenses that are due. Team UAV covers the cost of accommodation upfront.

-- 'Being part of our Pilot Network isn't just about being able to fly a drone, it's about being part of the team' --

Lewis Pritchard, CEO & Founder

We're currently looking for Remote Pilots skilled in the following areas:

  • Detailed asset/building inspections using drones

  • Topographical surveys using drones

  • Corridor mapping using drones

To apply to be part of the team you'll need to have:

  • GVC or equivalent qualification

  • Over 150 hours of commercial flights in the logbook

  • Experience using DJI products (advanced user)

  • Experience in capturing photogrammetry data

  • Experience in capturing inspection images and video

  • Experience and underpinning knowledge of processing photogrammetry data

  • Good knowledge of drone technology, new tech and an eye on future tech

  • Must hold a full UK driving licence with no more than 6 points

  • Ability to work in all weather conditions and operate in the outdoors for extended periods

  • Have a professional attitude and confidence in your ability

  • Confident in talking to key stakeholders and the general public

  • Confident in mitigating risks

  • A strong team player with leadership qualities

  • Ability to manage a small team

  • Capable of making decisions in high-pressure environments

  • Organised and good time management skills

  • Willing to work away from home

  • Good literacy and IT Skills

  • Interest in drone technology and remote sensing

  • Enthusiastic about the application of new technology


  • Ex-military or emergency services

  • University graduate, background and qualification in surveying

  • Qualification in carrying out asset or building inspections

  • Pix4D training courses

  • Working knowledge of Agisoft

  • Experience with Wingtra

  • Experience with Sensefly Ebee X

  • Experience with EVLOS

  • Experience with BVLOS

  • Experience of working within operational safety cases

  • First aid trained

  • PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) / GVC

  • Surveying or Inspection experience 

  • Over 100 hours logged commercial drone flights

  • Knowledge of photogrammetry and associated software applications

  • Keen interest in photography, videography and associated software applications

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